Saturday, March 22, 2008

Moving day...not so good.

We are theoretically moving today. I say that because, for some unknown to us reason, the house isn't done yet. Even though the lease was drawn up with us taking posession on the 21st, the maintenance on the house was not finished. Also lastnight Charlie went by and discovered a very large hole in the basement carpet. (when we first walked the place, there was a refrigerator strategically placed in that exact spot) The broker told him "well, just put a rug over it"...NOT ACCEPTABLE!!! We still have until the end of the month at the apartment. I really hope we dont have to make any drastic decisssions, but we feel like we are not getting the kind of service we should be getting paying as much as we are for this place. We didn't even want to take posession until the last weekend in March, b/c or the cost, but we were pressured to take it earlier b/c of how long it was between being approved and when we wanted to move. So now here we are packed and ready and the place isn't. I'm really not happy about this.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

If Jack comes early...

IT'S CHARLIE'S FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After all the promises and agreeing that we needed to finish packing tonight...guess who got it done...I'll give you a hint...there are only 2 of us and it WASN'T HIM!!!!

And I have been having HORRIBLE pains since last night. I'm 80% sure they aren't contractions, but I've also been having some pretty funky globs of discharge since last night as well. The pressure is so intense it knocks the breath out of me at times. I'm calling the midwife first thing in the morning if I'm still having issues. I'm not due to see her again until next friday. Someone said he might just be engaging...I hope thats all it is. But i hope it stops soon! It hurts! and I have way too much to do this weekend to worry about the baby coming.

I did order his bedding last night though and I'm super excited about that!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Hello, my name is Liz and I am addicted to I've had this problem for going on 3 years now. I first discovered the site while I was pregnant with my now almost 2 year old daughter. My day begins with me getting up, grabbing a quick bite to eat and settling down for my first 'fix' of the day. I check the baby/kids section first for any deals that are just too good to pass up. If there is nothing there, I then check out the furniture section. If still nothing I go on to the general, and finally if desperation sets in...the free section. Its not like I can really just jump on and buy whatever, but knowing that there is a great deal on there that I would love to take advantage of is good enough for me. Its a strange fix I know, but hey, it works for our bank account. When I get home from work and picking up Mak at daycare, I jump on again after getting her a snack and go through the ritual again. Then once again (sometimes twice) before finally calling it good and going to bed. I have bought and sold items and have been giddy with excitement every time. In fact just this last week, I happened to jump on just as a posting for a Dutailier Rocker/Glider w/ ottoman for FIFTY BUCKS!!!! If you know anything about these gliders, they are not cheap. The ottomans alone brand new are about $200. I e-mailed the lady right away and went to bed only to find myself to excited to wait until morning to see if she replied. I jumped up around 11pm and checked my e-mail and had a reply telling me its mine! I went over on my lunch break the next day to look at it and it was perfect! Not the right colors, but who cares! It was FIFTY BUCKS! I handed her half the money, took the ottoman for now and made arrangements to pick up the glider this weekend. (on a side note, she had the most addorable twin boys I'd ever seen in my life). As I type I am eagerly awaiting word on if a dinning room table and chairs set is still up for grabs. **Keep your fingers crossed!!** I just can't help myself! I love this site! You can find anything and everything...seriously...if you dont belive me...try it yourself... ... Its like the worlds biggest garage sale, and lord knows I love me a good garage sale! Ok well, I gots to go check my e-mail and see if we may have a table and chairs for our new place! Tootles...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ok seriously...

The little baby thing on the left...

TOTALLY my husband's son...checking out his package already!


One of those days...

This morning I almost cut my pinkie toe off on the POS carpet threshold that we've called maintenance on 3 times to repair and yet it still sits there ready to grab at any unsuspecting my pinkie toe. So once I finally get the bleeding under control and my toe bandaged up, which btw is incredibly difficult when you can't even bend over to touch your toes, I get the blood from the floor cleaned, and I am about to get baby girl up from bed when all of a sudden out of nowhere, my nose starts bleeding like the Niagra Falls. Now I'm really starting to think that this is some omen and that really someone is trying to tell me that I should just go back to bed and try this again tomorrow. So once again, I get the bleeding under control and clean up the bit of blood that dripped on the sink and finally, 10 minutes after I should have left for work, I get baby girl up and start to get ready to leave for the day. I wake her up and she proceeds to tell me her tummy has an ouchie...Oh great!!! Why not! So after fighting to get her Jammies off and her clothes on, I take her temp and she is fine. So off we go to Kim's house.

Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

An amazing morning...

I didn't have to work today until 9am, so I was really hoping that Makenna would sleep in...

So this morning Makenna woke up around 5:45am. I hesitantly went in once I determined that she wasn't interested in going back down on her own. When I opened the door, she was standing at the corner of her crib like she normally is and whining because her bink had fallen on the floor. I grabbed her bink and gave it to her then I got down on her level and had a little conversation with her. I told her that mommy was very very sleepy still and that I wanted to go ni-night for a little bit longer and that if she would lay down for a little while longer, when she woke up she would go to Kim's and have a really fun day. She looked at me and I kid you not, said 'o-tay', popped the bink back in her mouth and laid back down. I stood there kind of stunned then realized that I had a span of about 2.5 seconds to make my escape before she reconsiddered the proposition. I asked her if she wanted her blankie back on and she said uh-huh so I covered her up and said I love you and she blew me a kiss and said ni-night.

At 7:30am, I woke up to a still silent home...I went in and peeked and my little angel was sleeping peacefully in the same spot she'd laid back down in.

I love my baby...I mean big girl!